Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat

Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat 1.0

Insurgency is one of the best HL 2 mods available
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Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat is a modification for the source engine. Its not really for Half-Life 2, because its almost stand-alone; you just need to own a Source-based game. However, this game sets itself apart from all other "arcade" games, the main focus of this game is realism. It's not hard to see that the developers spend a bit of time watching "Black Hawk Down" when they made this mod, and there is nothing wrong with that. This is a team-based tactical shooter, the man theater of operations is Iraq, you take the role of either an Insurgent or the U.S Army. These two teams have a difference in the weaponry they use, but the game is still balanced. You don't have a cross hair you aim with the iron sights, no HUD either, there are bullet ricochets, bullet penetration, etc. This game is as real as it gets, the sounds and graphics are excellent and you get immerse in the combat. This can put off some players that are used to more arcade-based FPS. The game is just a hardcore tactical shooter, if you like that kind of stuff, then this game is for you.

Ismael Mireles
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  • One of the best HL 2 Mods out there


  • Too much realism for some
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